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We recognize Earth as our home and are dedicated to being a positive, regenerative presence within nature. We have come to recognize that the further we alienate ourselves from the Earth, the more destructive, dysfunctional and discontented we become as a species. We try to incorporate the indigenous belief that the land, people and all living things are connected, and that their models for living are designed to keep families, communities and the natural environment in balance.


Our approach is holistic. We consider all elements affected: air, energy, water, food, waste, shelter, and inhabitants, as one inter-connected system. Our solutions are enduring, following natural cycles and flows rather than imposing a conventional linear direction. We design for the future with a mandate to create buildings and communities that function within the limits of renewable resources.


As a creative, collaborative team we engage the people who are affected by the design and incorporate appropriate innovative technologies in a place-based design.  


Rivercourt is dedicated to pushing boundaries, leading discussions and challenging the complacency of the status quo. We know that radical change is imperative, and we are committed to regenerative intervention. Our intention is to provide tools for future innovators to move the world to a state of harmony and to ignite the desire for a world in balance.


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