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Sectors of Focus

We help lead culturally-based sustainable development for First Nation communities with comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of the community. We are fundamentally committed to cultural restoration, self-sufficiency, and political and economic sovereignty.


· Cost-effective development strategies for energy efficient homes

· Consultation and development of energy plans

· Eco-village design with autonomous energy supply

· Communal and ecological water treatment design

· Identifying and securing funding for development

· Liaison and advocacy

First Nations


Our design systems combine practical strategies with innovative technologies to produce optimal ecological and lifestyle results. The outcome is a healthy indoor environment that offers greater durability and reduced operating costs.


· Water, nutrient and organics management systems

· Storm water management

· Consulting on sustainability options

· Energy modeling

· HVAC design, including radiant heating and cooling

· Highly efficient thermal envelope designs

· Optimization of ventilation, daylighting, thermal comfort & water quality

· Innovative systems for “deep green” residences

· Comprehensive off-grid solutions



Industrial, Commercial and Institutional

 We design exemplary green building systems by applying an integrated process which results in future-proofing the project in terms of durability, operating costs and climate impact. We add the maximum value when involved from the earliest stages.

· Environmental site assessments

· Engineering to reduce long-term operating costs for energy and water

· Modeling and design to meet Net Zero targets

· Optimization of ventilation, daylighting, thermal comfort and water quality

· Enhancement of profile & recognition for sustainability leadership

· Positioning and marketing

· HVAC design, including radiant heating and cooling

· Water systems and natural wastewater treatment design

· Applying for funding and incentive programs

· Sustainability engineering advocacy

· Assisting with deal structuring and financing 


Our community planning projects establish sustainability goals that will not only provide significant savings on energy and water bills, but enable a better quality of life for current and future generations.


· Project creation, planning and coordination

· Innovative sustainable building design

· Development of standards for energy, water, and wastewater infrastructure

· Capital costs and operating budgets predictions

· Technical and financial feasibility studies

· Community development